About me

Ernest Kafka comes to photography though a life committed to the close observation of people and the consideration of things both said and unsaid. A psychoanalyst with a strong background in music and the visual arts, he is both a photographer and an avid art collector.  His sophisticated perspective roots him firmly “in the moment”; he captures his subjects as they are with a subtle wit and a proper distance but always with concern and a quiet passion for life. His pictures record a specific moment but also suggest the flow of time in which history, memory and the actual conjoin in a synaesthetic and highly evocative manner.  He created this series of observational photographs calledAs it Was in Italy, Spain and Turkey between 2003 through 2007, most of which are presented for the first time to the public in this exhibition.

Dr. Ernest Kafka served as Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell Medical School from 1987 to 2002. Mr. Kafka has been a Physician engaged in private practice specializes in the psychoanalysis of adults and adolescents since 1962. He serves as Instructor at The New York Psychoanalytic Institute since 1981. He serves as a Board Member of Portfolios for 32 Dreyfus Portfolios. Dr. Kafka served as a Trustee of Dreyfus BASIC U.S. Government Money Market Fund since 2007.